"Cellist Meta Weiss blended seamlessly into the ensemble...with a magical performance..." - The Straits Times

"American guest cellist Meta Weiss married perfectly into this lush and nuanced soundscape, her fingerwork pristine and phrasing beautifully conceived. This was chamber music as it should be." - The Australian

"Weiss on cello was luminous." - Sydney Arts Guide

"Boundless enthusiam...uncompromising virtuosity....smouldering intensity..." - Joseph Newsome, Voix des Arts

"Enterprising young Sono Luminus...unleashes the savage powers of violin and cello team duoW....The sound is impossibly rich with an appetite for the sexy and the sumptuous." - Laurence Vittes, Huffington Post

"Dynamo partnership..." - AltoRiot.com

"Weiss in paticular was magnetic to watch..." - Chloe Veltman, ArtsJournal Blog

"Cellist Meta Weiss was marvelous in her rich solo sound and impeccable playing..." - The Epoch Times

"Fresh, fierce, and tireless..." - The Epoch Times

"Weiss moved from the regular fingerboard to the upper regions of the cello seamlessly and flawlessly. Equally important, but perhaps less obvious, was her lovely handling of the music's phrases..." - The Morning Call

"A new breed of classical..." - AltoRiot.com

"Names to know and keep your eye on..." - WSCL

"...satisfying, fresh-sounding interpretation." - San Diego Union-Tribune


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